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3700 Vidin

13 “Tsar Simeon The Great” str.

Bronze object

S. Golemanovo. bronze axe

formed small handle and nice green patina. 

Bronze plastic

1970, ancient city of Ratsiaria near the
village of Archar. Bronze sculpture.

Head of a priestess – appliqué – a mask
representing the head of a mature woman.
Eyes, eyebrows and mouth are represented
graphically. The upper part of the face is
covered by a narrow diadem. The mask has
a pyramidal hairstyle known in antiquity under the
name tutulus of Etruscan origin, worn by priestesses. Anthropomorphic 

Bone premed

1980 a settlement of KBE near the village of Balei. bone object

bone buckle very richly decorated with
triangular ornaments and bird’s eye ornament. At
one end of the buckle there are 7 round holes
located in two rows where the belt was attached.
Late Bronze Age Bone Amulet with