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3700 Vidin

13 “Tsar Simeon The Great” str.

Nikola Chavdarov

Zhendov”, material: gypsum, Zhendov. The portrait size is 36/27/33 cm.

Portrait of the artist Alexander “Head of Al.markedly intensified in its quest to capture
the character of the model.

Hristo Simeonov 1921-2007

“Mother”, material: patinated plaster, dimensions 50/27/40 cm. 

The mother of Georgi Stoyanov – a political
prisoner – is portrayed. The author was born
in the village of Makresh, Vidinsko. The anti-fascist
theme is widely represented in his work. The
portrait is constructed with generalized plans
and large incised forms. The head is covered
with a cloth (headscarf) characteristic of the

Donna Boyadzhieva 1911-1975

“Head of a child”, material: patinated plaster,
dimensions: 27/31/22 cm.

A portrait of a small child created with bravura and
attention to detail. The treatment of the form is in the
spirit of the academic tradition.