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3700 Vidin

13 “Tsar Simeon The Great” str.

Stone plastic

1955, ancient city of Ratsiaria near the village of
Archar. Marble sculpture.

woman with high arched diadem and tower-shaped
crown placed on her head. Thick curly hair pulled back
into a bun at the back of the head. High-quality workmanship,
probably imported, dating to the end of the 1st century


1986, Druzhba village, accidental find with stone Excavation activities. Marble sculpture. 

Head of a woman, with oval face, almond-shaped eyes,
broken nose, parted hair covering the ears, tied
behind. High quality workmanship, probably
imported. Nikolay Kazashki, Svetoslava Petrova

Clay pot

1962, Vidin, discovered during excavations.

Clay vessel of beige clay covered with red paint. With
a low stool and strongly convex rumen, wide open mouth,
with one small handle.