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3700 Vidin

13 “Tsar Simeon The Great” str.

Bronze object

S. Golemanovo. bronze axe

ormed small handle and nice green patina. 

Bone premed

1961 village of Novo Selo. bone object

Anthropomorphic Craft. Late Bronze Age. hollow
bronze ax (dule) with well

Stone plastic

1955, ancient city of Ratsiaria near the village of
Archar. Stone sculpture.

Dionysus resting – marble statue. Only the torso is preserved, strands with large curls fall on the shoulders. His body is wrapped in a goat’s head nebrida with lifeless closed eyes. The statue is of high quality workmanship, probably imported from Italy, dated to the middle of the 2nd century. Cybele – the head is preserved, damaged Young