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3700 Vidin

13 “Tsar Simeon The Great” str.

Stone plastic

1955, Yasen village, Unio Alba area.
Limestone model of an altar.

Rectangular in shape with profiled bezels, the
obverse depicts a male figure holding an indistinct
object in his right hand. The image is
schematic, the relief is flat, the eyes and
chest are rendered with holes, probably a
representation of Zeus.

Stone plastic

1944, unknown location from Vidin region.
Limestone sculpture.

2nd century. Heracles – the figure is
distinguished by the characteristic
athletic forms and musculature. With a pronounced
fold in the lower part of the stomach,
inherent in athletes. No attribute data
found from saved. Dated – 2.3 c.

Stone plastic

1973, land in the village of Darzhanitsa

Eagle of coarse-grained sandstone. The bird is
depicted with half-folded landing wings, large
eyes, stylized deep cut and arranged feathers.
The eagle is a symbol of power, immortality and
cosmogony – one of the most revered animals.
The pose of
18 Nikolay Kazashki, Svetoslava Petrova
1968, the ancient city of Bononia. Bronze
the eagle shows that it is an element of a
large sculptural composition produced during
the Roman era in a local workshop.