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3700 Vidin

13 “Tsar Simeon The Great” str.

Earthen vessel

2015, Baley village, clay pot

clay pot, urn from the necropolis with
cremation from KBE and SBE from the culture of inlaid
ceramics. The vessel is unadorned with a long mouth and
four handles. The vessel is from the Late Bronze Age.

Clay plastic

1970, unknown location from Vidin region. Terracotta

An eagle figure in beige red purified clay, representing an
eagle with outstretched wings and head facing right.
The front of the figure is decorated with incised features.
Nikolay Kazashki, Svetoslava Petrova

Clay pot

1962, Archar village. Ceramic cup.

with a tall, narrow seat, shaped in relief as a human head.
The image is poetic, strongly expressed eyebrows,
nose and mouth. Nikolay Kazashki, Svetoslava
Nikolay Kazashki, Svetoslava Petrova